distal radius

The information presented is intended for use as a demonstration for products contract manufactured by Orthomedic. The appropriate treatment, technique(s) and product(s) for each individual patient are to be determined by the treating surgeon.

Providing a comprehensive solution for distal radius fracture management.

Intended Use

The plate and screw implants included in the Locking Plate System are intended for temporary fixation, correction or stabilization in the radius anatomical region.

Features and Benefits

Locking Plate System eases the challenge of treating distal radius fractures by incorporating a low-profile, up-to-date and anatomic design with advanced fixation alternatives and streamlined instrumentation. A comprehensive offering of distal radius plates are available in large, small and wide head as well as multiple shaft lengths. A variety of screw fixation options allows for customization according to the surgeons’ needs and the complexity of the fracture.

All implants are available in stainless steel and titanium.
distal radius

Oblong Hole

Aids in plate positioning on the bone by allowing placement of Cortex Screw 3.5 mm.


The two columns permit independent fine contouring of the radial and intermediate columns.

Self-Tapping Screw

Self-tapping screws with blunt tips help to reduce the risk of tendon irritation and/or soft tissue disruption.

Anatomical Fit

The plates are anatomically contoured and may help to restore the bone’s natural anatomy from the distal ulnar side to the radial styloid.

Titanium Anodization

The screws are processed with Anodization, which gives colour, increases the strength of the surface of screws and may reduce the incidence of tissue adhesion. The distinctive colour makes the sizes and types of screws easily distinguishable.

Kirschner Wire Holes

Enable preliminary plate fixation. Act as a reference for screw trajectory and aid in optimal plate positioning.

Fixed Angle Locking Screw Holes with Pre-tilted “Lips”

The threads on the underside of each screw head are designed to engage the circular “lip” in each locking screw hole upon insertion and create a locked and stiff construct. This enhances insertion or removal characteristics even for demanding fracture patterns.
2.4 mm LCP Distal Radius Plate,
LARGE Head (I)
distal radius 2.4mm
2.4 mm LCP Distal Radius Plate,
WIDE Head (I)
distal radius 2.4mm
2.4 mm LCP Distal Radius Plate,
SMALL Head (I)
distal radius 2.4mm

Locking Screw 2.4 mm
Locking Screw 2.4 mm

Locking Screw 2.4mm, Torx, Self-Tapping, 6mm-30mm Length (2mm increments from Length 20mm onwards)


- The threaded screw head locks securely into the threaded head holes of the plate to provide a locked construct & angular stability.
- Locked screws allow unicortical screw fixation and load transfer to the near cortex.
- Torx recess mates with self-retaining screwdriver.

Locking Head Screw 3.5 mm
Locking Head Screw 3.5 mm

Locking Head Screw 3.5mm Self Tapping, 10-80mm Length (2mm increments from Length 10mm, 5mm increments from Length 30mm)


- Self-tapping tip.
- Create a locked, fixed-angle screw/plate construct.
- Used in the locking shaft holes.

Cortex Screw 3.5 mm
Cortex Screw 3.5 mm

Cortex Screw 3.5mm Self Tapping, 10-50mm Length (2mm increments)


- Compress the plate to the bone or create axial compression.
- Used in the Oblong shaft holes.